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Smart streetlight

Keep on scrolling and learn how we leverage your existing infrastructure, like streetlights!

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Smart city solutions

Smart streetlight

Streetlights are the digital backbone of cities. Ubiquitous as they are, streetlights are our starting point of urban digitization. From the elevated position and the provided access to the streetlight's power source, we help cities to improve decision making regarding infrastructure changes & parking management operations.

Retrofit sensors any given streetlight

Fast deployments

No more delay, when setting up new infrastructure in your urban space. Simply retrofit our sensor to existing streetlights and avoid blocked roads or long lasting construction sites.

Smart city LED lighting head

Smart city platform

Cities can choose to install a fully smart city ready LED lighting head solution, which combines energy savings, lighting management services with S O NAH AI enabled detection technology. It can be expanded by wifi access points, 5G small cells and other third party devices.

24/7 power supply

Smart streetlight hub

SONAH provides you with a battery solution, which powers during day time our sensor technology.

Our retrofit battery solution can be integrated into streetlights or at streetlights to power third party devices like environmental sensors or LED parking guidance signs.

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How does it work for me?

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