Live parking data based parking clerk management

​Support your parking clerks & reduce parking traffic!

Sensor based live occupancy data and software support your employees from the regulatory authority in recording parking violations in a targeted manner. It reduces the stress for your employees, who do way more than just writing parking tickets. 

Live occupancy data reduces parking search traffic, but also the pressure to park in no-parking zones or second rows.

Benefits of a digital parking enforcement system


Live data

Cost effective & reliable live parking data

Live data is the basis for smart alerts systems, which can be easily integrated into the cities processes and IT infrastructure.​One sensor digitizes up to 80 parking spots and provides you with live data 24/7 of marked & unmarked parking spots

Efficient workflows & processes in the street

We enable your parking enforcement department to prioritize their workload live and at site. Live data provides insights where parking infringements happen. These violations can be easily communicated via a Dashboard, API, email, sms or phonecalls.


Support your

parking clerks


Smart data &


Future ready regulatory authorities

By integrating our system into your workflows, we enable you to focus on your additional areas of work. We link your processes with our data & alerts together with your parking clerks in order to reduce parking pressure, as well as increasing parking revenues.

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I want to digitize my parking management and benefit of SONAH's experience

Why clients work with us:


"...The digital traffic cadastre that we are currently setting up together with SONAH and the RWTH is a forward-looking project….“

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How do I support my employees & optimize my parking operations?

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Sensor based live parking data

Camera sensor for smart parking

You install our camera based sensors (GDPR compliant) at streetlights to digitize the surrounding parking spots.

The following detection services can be delivered by us:

  • Single spot detection (+98% detection quality)

  • Counting/ balancing detections ("+98%...")

  • Average occupation of bike parking spots

​We are a full service provider, meaning all software operational (roaming, API, ​analytics,...) & maintenance costs are included. Here at a hospital in Germany we digitize ~80 parking spots (marked parking spots) just with three sensors!

Proactively inform parking infringements

Parking violations in stationary traffic!

With live parking data, you always know how public space is used for example "Where is the maximum parking time exceeded? Where are blocked fire department lanes or where does second row parking take place,...?"

The generated data can be viewed in the SONAH dashboard by employees in the head office or we integrate our data into parking clerk software like WINOWIG or others. The head office informs their colleagues in the street and the colleagues in the street can access the information via smartphones, live.

Alerts & notifications can be implemented for each and single parking spot or whole parking locations in specific streets or locations.

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The future of public parking enforcement

Parking management tools for your city parking enforcement

Tasks and requirements of regulatory authorities are becoming increasingly extensive and complex. In the future cities will have less staff for more tasks and more parking areas to be managed.

By simplifying and optimizing the recording of parking violations, parking clerks are supported to focus on more complex and challenging tasks.

At the same time the introduction of sensor based parking management leads to additional revenues for cities and municipalities. In addition car owners will find parking spots, leading to redcued CO2 & NOx emissions.

What is the impact of the SONAH parking enforcement support?

Write us and we will share the insights of our integration with a big city in North Rhine Westfalia, where we integrated our alert system into their processes.

There was no need for a complex software integration process. Together with the city we implemented a workaround to alert parking clerks live in the street, so that they can decide whether or not to enter the designated street. It all lead to an significant increase in mothly parking revenues. If you want to learn more and how much we earned, click on the button below!