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Park & Ride is the new sustainable trend and smart parking is essential for it.

Digital Park & Ride parking lots for your urban space

Digitized Park & Ride parking spots

We support public transportation service providers and cities to tackle the negative impact of individual traffic, like NOX & CO2 emissions and traffic jams.


We help you to decrease individual traffic heading into the city by providing sensor based live parking data of P&R zones! All over Germany, we are already digitizing over ~1,400 parking spaces, helping them to achieve their climate targets!

Benefits of a digital Park&Ride guidance system by SONAH

Live parking data

Live data

Cost effective & reliable live parking data

Live data helps to guide cars to the right free P&R parking lot. It is the basis for smart & dynamic routing services. ​One sensor digitizes up to 80 parking spots and provides you with live data 24/7 of marked & unmarked parking spots.

Helping cities make better policies

We enable cities to improve decision making & planning. All based on our historical data as well as analytics services. 

Historical data, predictive analytics, and heatmaps support you to optimize supply. Merged with your fleet data it becomes even more valuable.

See how your parking assets are being used

Data driven


Make public transport more attractive

More attractive public transportation

Facilitate transfer to public transportation

Your data is easily integrated into traffic guidance systems like LED parking signs and mobility applications. Your P&R will become your future mobility hub, which serves as a convenient & cost effective way to enter your city.

300€ per parking spot in public funding for your P&R locations?

If you are from NRW, we can support you in easily accessing public funding to get your digital parking management system off the ground!

Why clients work with us:


"We use the system from S O NAH to obtain live occupancy data for our intelligent parking guidance system. 
The detection quality is excellent with an average of +98%. The cooperation with SONAH was highly professional and everything worked out great!

This project is the basis for an intelligent parking guidance system to increase the utilitzation.

Sebastian Schmerberg

Siemens Real Estate - Erlangen

Siemens work with live data provided by SONAH for their parking guidance systems
SNH_BKG_landing_hero_bright_03 Kopie.png

How do I leverage a digital P&R parking lots with SONAH technology?

Raise profits from your P&R parking assets

Sensor based parking guidance system

Camera sensor for smart parking

You install our camera based sensors (GDPR compliant) at streetlights to digitize the surrounding parking spots.

The following detection services can be delivered by us:

  • Single spot detection (+98% detection quality)

  • Counting/ balancing detections ("+98%...")

  • Average occupation of bike parking spots

​We are a full service provider, meaning all software operational (roaming, API, ​analytics,...) & maintenance costs are included. At the Blücherplatz in Aachen we digitize 90 parking spots (marked & unmarked parking spots) just with two sensors!

Better understanding & policy making

Make better decisions with high quality data
Dashboard & Analytics

You can access via our dashbaord data like:

  • live & historical data

  • parking durations

  • parking infringements (max duration, blocked no parking zones, ...)

We provide live maps, heatmaps ​and a profound stack of analytiocs, which can be easily shared via export (csv) or directly integrated  via a Rest API. By integrating our insights into your parking policies and city planning you can improve the match of supply (parking data) with the demand side (commuters). 

Increase public transport use with well managed park and ride parking

Increase the utilization of public transportation

Integrate parking lots into your digital customer journey

Public transport providers increase the impact of your service by integrating parking data into your customers' mobility experience. Now your P&R zones become part of the public transport mobility experience to provide seamless access to the city center. Combined with other transit and parking strategies, this becomes a successful and sustainable initiative for less traffic in the city.

Soon our live data will be integrated and freely accessible in the VRN portal (screenshot copy right VRN).

Potential impact on your CO2 & NOx budget/ emisssions?

If you manage to increase the number of P&R drives (switch from car to public transportation), you can reduce the emission of CO2 & NOx in your region. The Rheinbahn (public transportation service provider for Düsseldorf) concludes, that a digitized parking lot with ~100 parking spots, in combination with a public transportation abo incentive (parking for free) will lead to an increase of 40x additional daily switches, leading to an decrease of CO2 by 131t and 205kg of NOX, yearly.

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