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Your parking management solution

Work with SONAH to integrate innovative and unique parking management solutions in your street, across your city, or in private car parks. Find out more here!

Intelligent parking solutions

Parking management

Parking assets are a valuable and underestimated urban ressource. Based on our know how and tech expertise we co-create intelligent parking solutions for public, as well as private clients.

We support you to optimize utilization, increase parking revenues and decrease parking traffic...

Data for smart decision making

Sensor based live data

S O NAH hightech sensors deliver real time parking data (live status, parking duration, object classification) of your parking assets. We can remotely add no parking zones, delivery zones or second row space to the detection zones. No additional hardware necessary! Our AI enabled sensor technology provides you with insights for your operations.

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Visualize trends

Data driven actions 

Access historical data to predict parking demand or use predefined heatmap analytics to better understand how space is used and support smart decision making regarding changes in infrastructure. All analytics can be easily exported or integrated via our API.

Unmarked parking spaces

Digitize unmarked parking assets

Monitor accurately your unmarked parking assets and take control of chaotic parking areas by digitizing the size of cars and the space between. Fully on the edge we calculate if another vehicle can fit.

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How does it work for me?

Schedule a live demo, now!

Utilization measurements

Count driving cars

Monitor accurately your parking assets like open parking areas, garages or car parks. Based on our high tech sensor system, we count and classify cars at entries & exits.

Fully on the edge we count cars, seperate betweeen pedestrians, motorcycles, bikes and provide a better understanding of how your parking asset is used.

Optimised parking operations

Improve your parking enforcement

Sensor-based live occupancy data and software support your employees in the regulatory authority recording parking violations in a targeted manner. This reduces stress for your employees, who do more than just writing tickets.

Our data and smart alert system enables you to better understand your operations, as well as ensure cities make the right decisions to improve your parking asset ROI.

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Enduser Navigation

Fully integrated navigation services

Together with our partner NUNAV (graphmasters) we deliver an enduser driven spot specific navigation service. Digital reservations of single parking spots and smart navigation services to the point of interest, as well as at the point of interest deliver an efficient parking management service without heavy LED sign installations, app only!

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