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Parking guidance systems

What are parking guidance systems, and how can they help you? Read on to find out how SONAH delivers innovative and unique parking guidance solutions to your parking assets & city!

End-to-end parking solution

Parking guidance system

The future of parking guidance systems combines both sensor based, live, local data with LED parking guidance signs.

We love to integrate our live data into your existing smart parking infrastructure or apps to guide drivers to a free parking spot, nearby!

Easy to integrate

Parking guidance

SONAH provides you with an end-to-end parking guidance solution. LED parking signs lead to a hassle free parking experience and reduced parking traffic. You can easily integrate live data into existing systems and parking apps.

What can a parking guidance system achieve?

Reduce congestion

The SONAH dynamic parking guidance system minimizes congestion and second row parking. It leads drivers to available parking space. Based on real time information we reduce stress and time looking for a parking spot.

Maximize parking asset ROI

Increased payment compliance

Long parking search times impact local revenues and increase the likelihood of parking infringements. Both lead to a loss in revenues of your parking asset. With S O NAH you can start today to provide a great service, which accompanies an increase in payment compliance and revenues.


How does it work for me?

Schedule a live demo, now!

Mobile app integration

API driven integration

Do not deploy or build a new app! Simply integrate our data and insights into already exsiting userinterfaces of smart phone parking payment solution providers or your own parking userinterfaces.

Seamlessly integrated

Holistic parking guidance system

If you do not have your own parking guidance system in place, we can provide you with a solution to it!

Based on the S O NAH dashboard you can access live- & historical data, as well as third party device data like environmental data, battery data...

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Win more space without building it!

Parking spot sharing system

We provide you with a webbased parking spot sharing service, which enables you to win more parking space without buidling new one.

A simple webtool, live sensor data and a LED parking guidance sign help to efficiently manage you parking spots.  Individually assigned spots are shared by the "owner", when not in use like vacation, field trip or at a clients site. 

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