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SONAH supports sustainable city development in urbanizing areas by offering smart parking management solutions and much more.  

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Smart services for your urban domains

Cities can't afford 99 Sensors for 99 problems.

That's why we use embedded vision sensors which are uniquely able to serve multiple urban domains at once. That means solving everyday traffic, waste, and parking management issues simultaneously.

Click on the icons in this map to check out our use cases and some projects were extra proud of;

Short video about us

Who is SONAH? 

Why clients work with us:

Smart Parking in Berlin: CISCO 

"...All in all we have tested all types of parking sensors and concluded it won’t work like that. It must be a video based detection!

...At the beginning of the project you prepared everything from the installation to a super project execution...

For me, SONAH is a compact and focused solution that is extremely responsive and provides precise information - this is a scalable solution that I would use.“

Andre Diener

Technical Leader Cisco Innovation Center Open Berlin

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